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7 Steps to Consider for Your Spring Skincare Routine

Hello, tribe! I am so grateful that you’re here — each and every one of you. I’m also really excited about today’s episode because I’m giving you all the top skincare tips you need to know for the spring season.

I love the changes in the weather as it gets warmer — especially after a harsh winter! But with the seasons changing, it’s important to consider how we need to change our skincare routines. Do I need to use different products? Do I need to stop using something? These are very important questions to discuss!

In January, I gave my top tips for dry winter skin, but now that we’re heading into spring, I think it’s really important to learn all about a good, healthy springtime skincare routine and how we can keep our skin radiant and beautiful. 

In this episode, we’re going to talk about the seven tips to consider when formulating your spring skincare routine! It’s never too early to start prepping your routine for the warmer months, so I hope this episode gives you the encouragement and knowledge you need to commit to a mindful skincare regimen. Let’s get started!

Spring Skincare Tip #1: Declutter Your Cosmetics and Skincare Products

You know that phrase, “spring cleaning?” Well, it applies to our skincare products as well! We really should be doing this on a seasonal basis — not just in the springtime. Whenever we accumulate too many products, especially ones that we aren’t really using, our skincare routine just gets more complicated and inconsistent.  

Plus, cosmetics have a short shelf life — they’re not meant to last for the entire year. My rule of thumb is that if it’s more than a year old, I toss it. For mascara and other eye cosmetics, I try to toss those every six months — you don’t want old products near your eyes because they can cause irritation and reactions. 

Don’t forget about your makeup bags as well! Over the years, powders, foundations, and eye shadows may leak, causing the interior of your bag to get dirty. When that happens, it’s time to throw your bag into the washer with an antibacterial cleanser. Or you can just get a new makeup bag and toss the other one — whatever works best for you! 

Spring Skincare Tip #2: Say Goodbye to Thick and Heavy Makeup Products 

If you slather on heavy foundation every morning, you could potentially cause buildup that  leads to acne breakouts, and this is even more true during the springtime — heat and humidity can cause sweat, which will clog your pores. Thick and heavy makeup products only make this clogging worse, leading to more frequent breakouts

My recommendation is that during the springtime, you should switch to lighter makeup products, such as mineral powder foundations. These foundations tend to balance out the extra oil production in warmer months and leave your skin looking healthier. My favorite is the bareMinerals Foundation Powder — they have a great shade range, and they are light-mineral-based foundations, which are perfect for spring. 

Another way to prevent breakouts during spring is to change your makeup remover as well. If you were using a thicker, petroleum jelly, ointment-based makeup remover, now’s a good time to adjust to a lighter option, such as micellar water. Micellar water does an excellent job removing both makeup and sweat which accumulates on your face during springtime. 


Spring Skincare Tip #3: Transition to a Lightweight Moisturizer

In the winter months, we need our skin to get extra moisture, which is why I recommend using a heavy cream moisturizer (based on your skin type). Our skin needs those heavier creams to combat the cold and dry air we face when we step outside, but in the spring, we’re dealing with something new — heat and humidity. 

To adjust, we should transition to a light moisturizer that can provide us enough moisture while not clogging our pores. It’s great to look for moisturizers that contain hydrating ingredients, including hyaluronic acid, which is a humectant. You can learn more about humectants and other moisturizing ingredients by listening to Episode #37 or reading the blog

Spring Skincare Tip #4: Rejuvenate Your Skin with Facial Mist

Tip #4 is one of my favorites! I absolutely love facial mist, especially in the spring and summer. In the warmer months, we sweat more, and that sweat traps bacteria. And to top it off, we’re wiping that sweat off with dirty hands, adding more bacteria. 

To counteract the spread of bacteria, we can rejuvenate our skin with facial mist. Facial mist contains microflora and trace elements at a pH of 7.5. It usually doesn’t sting with application, and it’s really healthy for the skin barrier! 

Spring Skincare Step #5: Elevate Your SPF Game 

Tribe, you all know how much I love sunscreen — I believe that no matter the day, time, or place, you should be wearing at least 30 SPF sunscreen. But in the warmer months, it’s imperative that you elevate your SPF game to a higher level.

Why? Well, you’re probably spending more time outside, right? The days are longer, and not only that, but the UVA and UVB rays are more intense during the spring and summer. You may walk outside for 10-15 minutes and think it’s nothing, but over time, that sun exposure adds up. Incidental sun exposure can cause significant sun damage and accelerate photoaging, hyperpigmentation, and wrinkles — things we definitely don’t want on our skin!

To guard against this, it’s imperative to wear sunscreen every day, and it doesn’t hurt to use a higher SPF during the warmer months. I like to use SPF 50 during the spring and summer, especially if I’m spending my time outside more than usual. Also, make sure you’re reapplying throughout the day — at least every two hours. 

And don’t forget your lips and ears! You can wear a hat while you’re outside to shield your ears from the sun, or you can even apply sunscreen on your ears. Now, in the wintertime, you probably applied Vaseline to keep your lips from chapping, but in the spring/summer, you should use an SPF lip balm.  

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Spring Skincare Step #6: Take It Easy with Your Retinol

In Episode #25, I discussed how retinols are one of the key pillars of a skincare success framework — they diminish fine lines and wrinkles by replacing dead skin cells with new ones — they’re pretty magical!

However, in the spring and summer, new skin is more sensitive and prone to burning from harmful UV rays. So, when the retinol removes those dead skin cells, your new skin is more vulnerable to the sun damage. But there’s an easy way around this! 

Just apply your retinol or retinoid in the nighttime and reduce your application frequency to only one or two times per week. Wearing your sunscreen every day will also help with preventing sun damage to new skin, so if you feel like your skin is getting irritated, apply a higher SPF sunscreen more frequently.

If you want to learn more about retinols and retinoids and how they work, make sure to check out Episode #33 and Episode #34 or read the blog posts — I share the beginner’s guide to retinoids and answer some of your most pressing questions regarding their uses! 

Spring Skincare Step #7: Incorporate a Seasonal Chemical Peel 

Back in Episode #22, my husband, Dr. Eddy, and I discussed chemical peels and what they’re for — to sum up, a chemical peel is a simple procedure where a board-certified dermatologist applies a solution of alpha hydroxy acid or beta hydroxy acid and applies that to your skin. Those acids exfoliate the skin — helping with oil reduction — and even diminish fine lines. 

If you want a deep renewal of your skin, see your dermatologist for a chemical peel this spring! It’s a great time to remove those dead skin cells from the winter to have beautiful, rejuvenated, glowing skin. 

Remember, if you have any questions about what chemical peels would work best for you, ask your dermatologist for their recommendations. Don’t buy just any chemical peel you come across on the internet — your skin is very important, so why not go to the experts when it comes to taking care of it? We’ve got your back! 

Step Out with Confidence® This Spring and Let Your Skin Shine!  

And that’s a wrap on the top seven tips you need to know for skincare success this spring! Tribe, by following these simple steps, you can transition your skincare routine with the seasons, meaning that your skin is getting the best products and care all year-long! You deserve healthy glowing skin — no matter the season! 

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Until next time, Step Out with Confidence® this spring and let your skin shine! I love you all! 


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