How Your Skincare Routine Can Benefit Your Mental Health

Hi, tribe! I hope you all are having a wonderful spring day! 

Today’s episode is going to be a little different — we’re going to shift away from talking about skincare routines and the science behind them and transition to how a skincare routine can positively impact your mental health! 

Mental health and self-care are subjects that are very important to me — your physical health is extremely important, but so is your mental and emotional wellbeing! It’s estimated that 40 million adults in the United States suffer from anxiety every year. And according to the CDC, more than 264 million adults suffer from depression. Due to the social isolation and unrest caused by the COVID-19 health crisis, these numbers have only increased.  

The mental health crisis is very real, and if you find yourself experiencing severe anxiety, depression, or another mental disorder, be sure to reach out to your physician or a therapist for guidance. They can provide you with the tools you need to heal and experience freedom. 

And if you haven’t been diagnosed with a mental health disorder, you aren’t excluded from this conversation. There are most likely times in your life when you experience stress, anxiety, or even depression. You all deserve to have a healthy mind and heart, as well as the skin of your dreams! 

Did you know that those things are connected? That’s right — having a mindful skincare routine can boost your mental health!  There is an impressive body of research that shows the benefits that meditation, mindfulness, and self-care have on your mental state, and skincare factors into this as well. When you set aside time each morning and evening to follow your skincare routine, it can become a meditative practice.

Think about it for a minute — what would a meditative skincare routine look like for you? Maybe you could have calming music playing in the background and repeat affirmations to yourself.  Whatever your skincare routine environment looks like, give yourself the space to focus on YOU. Make your skincare routine something that you look forward to every day, and watch how it benefits your mental health! 

A Mindful Skincare Routine Reduces Your Stress

When you’re organized and have a routine, did you know that you’re generally happier? We are creatures of habit, so when we develop healthy habits, such as a mindful morning and evening skincare routine, we make our lives so much more fruitful and enjoyable! 

When you start to feel stressed by other aspects of your life, your skincare routine can be a safe space for you to relax, take care of your body, and have fun! Furthermore, your skincare routine is something that you can completely control. In this crazy world, it’s easier than ever to feel out of control, but by engaging in a mindful skincare routine, you gain some control back over your life! This will give you the confidence you need to be proactive in other areas of your life as well.

A Mindful Skincare Routine Strengthens Your Self-Worth

If you suffer from a mental health disorder such as anxiety or depression, your self-worth may be low, and you may not participate in self-care because you don’t feel like you deserve it. 

If this is you — first, I want you to know that you are loved and that you matter! We all deserve self-care in our lives, and it doesn’t have to be through something crazy, like going to a spa resort on the beach. Even simple things such as washing and moisturizing your face can be very comforting and provide structure to your day! You’ll feel productive and confident in your skin, even on days when you feel like doing nothing when you wake up! 

Trust me, I know the feeling. There are days where I don’t feel like doing my skincare routine because I’m just so tired from my day, but when I do it, my skin just feels so much better — refreshed, smooth, and taken care of. I feel so good about myself! It’s the same feeling you may have after you work out — you know you did something healthy for your body, and that gives you confidence! 

Even though skincare may seem like a small thing compared to other aspects of life, don’t underestimate its power in improving your self-worth! Take joy in the small victories you achieve every day — don’t take them for granted! 

A Mindful Skincare Routine Can Improve Your Social Bonding

Tribe, if you love your skin and take good care of it, you’ll have so much more confidence in social situations. Your smile will be radiant, your skin will literally glow, and people will notice! 

You may even have a different relationship with your partner when he notices how you’re taking care of your skin. Your friends will love hanging around your radiant energy, and what’s more, they’ll want to know your secret! With healthy skin, you’ll be able to Step Out with Confidence® in any social group you find yourself in!

A Mindful Skincare Routine Can Be Fun! 

You know how people say it’s important to change up your workout routine? Well, for skincare, it’s important to keep product application-consistent, but that doesn’t mean you can’t change up some things! For instance, occasionally enjoying an at-home facemask can be super fun! It gives you that feeling of being at a spa, but it’s from the comfort of your own home! 

During quarantine, I think a lot of us maintained a better skincare routine because we were at home constantly. Now that things are beginning to open up, it’s more important than ever that we keep up this consistency! One of the best ways to keep up your skincare routine is to make it fun! Whether that means trying new products, going to your dermatologist for a chemical peel, or having a spa/massage day at home, it will improve your mood and boost those happy hormones in your brain!

How Has a Mindful Skincare Routine Improved Your Mental Health?

Have you noticed a change in your mental health or mood since you’ve started taking care of your skin? If you haven’t yet, know that it takes consistency and time to reap the benefits — taking care of your skin once a week won’t give you the confidence and self-care you deserve!

A mindful skincare routine is something you do daily — morning and evening — that reduces your stress, encourages self-care, strengthens your self-worth, improves your social bonding, and is so much fun! It not only keeps your skin healthy and protected, but it’s excellent for your mental and emotional health, too! 

Tribe, it’s so important to take a moment in your day to tune into how you’re feeling. Life isn’t all about the “do do do” — it’s also about relaxing and taking care of yourself! Skincare is an amazing way to do just that, so let me know how it’s been benefiting your life! 

I’d also encourage you to have your journal out and write down three things that you are grateful for today — whether that be a good night’s rest, your family and friends, or something else entirely! Next, I want you to write down the three things about your skin that you admire. You’ll be amazed at the mindset shift you’ll experience toward your body, toward self-love, and toward your skin. 

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Until next time, continue to Step Out with Confidence®, take care of yourself, and get the healthy, glowing skin you deserve! 


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