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New Name, New Brand, Better You

Hello, beauties! Welcome – or should I say – welcome back to the newly branded The Dr. Nikoleta Show! 

Finally, (after 8 months) I’ll get to share with you the fruits of our complete brand overhaul. Everything’s so fresh – our website, our freebies, our networking channels – and pretty soon, YOU will be too!

Before everything else, let me just say that I am overjoyed to be back. I’ve missed talking to you all as much as I looked forward to this rebrand. 

I know, it’s been long, so here’s everything that I’ve been up to all that time (aside from the A-MAZING rebrand):

    • Finished my Dermpath Fellowship in June
    • Moved across the country in July (I know, it’s HUGE)
    • Spending more time with my family
    • and overall reflected on my 13-year medical journey 

I came so far – and it’s in no small part because of you. Thank you for locking arms with me in this journey. 

Our New Track for the Podcast

With this rebrand, know that my mission – helping you Step Out with Confidence® in your healthy skin journey – remains the same. What changes, however, is my focus on what topics I’ll talk about. We’ll have more thematic structure, ensuring that I’ll give you in-depth discussions on skin, hair, and nail topics. 

No more out-of-place content for my high-achieving beauties. 

I’m here to get beauty research off of your plate. So, you’ll have more time to focus on your other amazing goals AND still be a healthy beauty. Let me remove all the question marks you have with skincare.

My goal is to inspire you, empower you – by providing every tool you need to shift your mindset. Through our journey, I’ll support you to show up face first in your life and business. 

By bringing you the whole truth on:

    • different skincare trends (in TikTok and other sites)
    • skincare myths and hacks
    • skin science
    • every beauty health topic on the face of mother earth 

… I will inspire grounded confidence in you and (scientifically) support you to step into the best glowing version of yourself!

A whole new arsenal of information comes with our name change. I want you updated on all up-and-coming skin and health information out there. You deserve that kind of value. After all, this rebrand was brought together with you in mind – to get you to your skin, health, and life goals faster, AND take you further

All of this was a much-needed facelift. And I did it all for you, beauty. 

EVERYTHING This Rebrand Has in Store FOR YOU

As a dermatologist, I recommend you check out our new website – it’s aesthetic is glowing! Here’s a checklist of all things to look out for: 

  • our amazing new cover art (shout out to Jennifer Rae – who’s just as amazing!)
  • the fresh freebies we have for you
  • the new quick-search function (you’ll love this one, fast)
  • easy-access programs page
  • SO MUCH MORE (I’ll get into them below)

This podcast is now in season 4. So, I’ve made sure that the changes go beyond aesthetics. In The Dr. Nikoleta Show, your listening experience will make you feel totally supported by someone who gets it. Someone who will keep away the hassle from your skincare and beauty routine.

I believe in your capability to figure out every part of your wonderful life. But, my high-achieving beauty, we both know you’re incredibly busy. So, my support will guarantee that you achieve your skin health goals as successfully as your life goals. I will empower you to take control of your overall health – so you can run your biz and life in strength. 

Now, it’s time to remove the title of “Millennial Doc” and pave the way for “Dr. Nikoleta” to delve into what I know best. Skin, hair, nails, health, and lifestyle – all through the lens of a board-certified dermatologist.  

To successfully empower you, I will provide you with the blueprint. The science behind. Say goodbye to misunderstanding or Miss Confusion. Your go-to beauty health resource, me, will share all the value I can give you with confidence. 

My confidence will be your confidence. Together, we will take on a transformative journey into a loving relationship with your skin. The road to glowing, healthy, and ageless skin – one that you’ll experience now and in the years to come – has already been paved for you. 

I’ve prepared an easy-to-follow roadmap in this listening center – we will start by transforming your daily actions and setting up a simple skincare routine. 

The New Face of the Dr. Nikoleta Website 

Believe it or not, my website went through a revival! As you know, to see is to believe, so go check it out! Here’s a brief tour:

The Podcast Page is amazing! Here, you’ll find links to the show in iTunes, Google, Stitcher, and Spotify. Plus, we’ve added a tutorial on how to subscribe in iTunes. I love how its user-friendly interface was made for both new and loyal subscribers – so you’ll easily find your way back to your go-to (or new favorite) beauty podcast! 

The Quick Search Function for the Podcast episodes and Blogs. Say, you want to read that blog or listen again to that episode on Retinoids – simply type in “retinoids” and all episodes and blogs where they’re mentioned will pop up! Seriously, type in any word (product names, ingredients, scientific terms), this function will pull up all relevant articles or episodes in the database for you. We’ve prepared only the fastest information track for my busy beauties!

The Blog Page is where we’ll talk about topics from the podcast, on a deeper level. I’ll reinforce our podcast discussions with additional scientific references here. Plus, we’ve prepared a fun quiz for you called What’s Your Unique Skin Personality Profile? Are you a dabbler or a pop culture queen? An overachiever? Or maybe you’re a Skeptic when it comes to skincare? Go find out! 

The Programs Page houses the various ways you can work with me. From consultations to the wonderful Healthy Skin Blueprint program, it’s all there. Plus, you’ll find my best-selling book, Pivot with Purpose! Reminder: always be on the lookout for new resources or programs that we’ll release as the show evolves. You don’t want to miss out on the best of my curated advice. 

Freebies – I want you to implement the basics ASAP – so my Skin Must Haves are available for download anytime! It’s the guide for the basics of skincare, the very steps you first need to master. Plus, you can now network with fellow high-achieving entrepreneurial women whose goals resonate with yours! It’s called The Healthy Skin Glow Getters. Experience healthy, gorgeous skin together with your go-to beauty community.

The BEST thing is you can now text me! Simply text “PODCAST” to 480-530-8187 to get a weekly skincare routine reminder & affirmation! “Hey time to take off your make-up!”, “Keep going, gorgeous!” – people are raving about these and love them as I do. I mean, it’s a direct reminder from me, your no. 1 skin supporter, it’s sure to be rad!

Tribe, Come Along with Me!

Come, lock arms with me as you have throughout this journey. I’m looking forward to your feedback for the rebrand – you know how I love reading your thoughts. Your feedback will help me in my mission of talking more about things that help you firsthand. As I said, I will give my all to support you – all you have to do is ask.

And when I hear from you, I’ll know how to serve you even better. Again, thank you for listening for the past two years. Thank you for staying and sharing your best-loved episodes. It means the world to me. 

See, this expansion goes beyond the brand – it’s a call for community. After all, high-achieving women deserve to win in all aspects of their lives! On top of that, I aim to attract more go-getters like you, gain more feedback, and ultimately, cover as many topics as you need to uplevel your skin, hair, nails, and overall health & lifestyle.

So, let’s go and talk about everything that makes your life better. Remember, glass ceilings are meant to be shattered – and we’ll do that together here, at The Dr. Nikoleta Show. 

If you enjoyed this episode, be sure to let me know on Instagram! You can tag me, @drnikoleta, with a screenshot of the episode and what you found most phenomenal with our rebrand. Don’t forget to do the quiz too! 

I’d also really appreciate it if you would subscribe and leave a five-star rating on Apple Podcasts — that helps us share the podcast with wonderful people like you who deserve the skin of their dreams! 

Until next time, Step Out with Confidence®, and finally, The Dr. Nikoleta Show is here! It’s going to be a blast. 

Dr. Nikoleta



I am a board-certified dermatologist, CEO and Founder of Healthy Skin Blueprint, an acclaimed podcast host, best-selling author, and nationally recognized skin, hair, and nails expert. Welcome to the Skin Talk with Dr. Nikoleta blog.


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